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Help for the Shopsystem:

Order process and correction option

Our products are targeted at commercial resellers. Please note that for business reasons we do not serve end-consumers (neither private nor commercial).

After successful registration and subsequent activation of your customer account, you have unlimited access to the products and services offered at our online shop (i.e. you can compare prices, add products to your shopping cart, purchase products, etc.).


Once you have found the product you are looking for, you can add it to your shopping cart by clicking the “ADD TO CART” button with no commitment to make a purchase. You can view the content of your shopping cart at any time by clicking on “SHOPPING CART” also with no commitment to make a purchase. Click on the “X” button (remove from cart) to remove products from your shopping cart. Click on “BUY NOW” to purchase the products in your cart.


You will have the option to enter a delivery address that differs from the address with which you registered. If your order is to be sent directly to your customer, please send the packing slip separately to Mail. Delivery will be made to you customer without any additional steps on their part.


You can cancel the order process at any time or finalize it by clicking on the order button. Before submitting your order you will be given the chance to correct any errors in the information entered. You may also correct and/or change the information provided during the order process at any time by clicking on “BACK” in your browser. You can also click the “CHANGE” button on the order summary page to make corrections before submitting your order.


Conclusion of contract

  1. The offers available at the Koppermann online shop present a non-binding invitation for the buyer to order products on www.koppermann.eu. By ordering an item online, the buyer is submitting a binding offer to conclude a purchase agreement.
  2. We will send the customer a confirmation of receipt to the email address provided (order confirmation).
  3. Koppermann shall have the right to accept this offer within five working days by sending an order confirmation. This order confirmation shall be sent by email. If the time limit indicated under sentence 1 expires without receiving an order confirmation, the offer shall be considered rejected. A purchase agreement shall only be concluded upon receipt of an order confirmation.
  4. The description of the item ordered and any related text shall apply. Images are for illustration purposes only and do not represent any kind of assurance regarding the characteristics of the item being purchased.
  5. The buyer confirms in placing their order that they are at least 18 years of age and entitled by law to have merchandise delivered to the provided address.


Language of contract

The language of contract shall be English.


Storage of contract data

We will store the data contained in your contract (your order). You can inspect and download our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) at any time under www.koppermann.eu. We will send you an email containing your order data. You can also view this information on your account after login.



We will ship the products you ordered in non-breakage packaging and in compliance with the shipping requirements of that product. There is no minimum order value. No minimum quantity surcharges or packaging costs will be charged. Please indicate the content of the packaging units in the individual boxes when placing your order.


Mixed shopping cart

Our extensive product range can be compiled according to your needs. You can put products from any of our product categories into your shopping cart. Please note that our main items also come in different versions.


Delivery time

Standard delivery time is typically 1-2 business days. You may only order items online that are available for immediate shipment. Please note that your shipment may take longer if it is scheduled during a bank holiday.

If an item is not available for immediate shipment, please contact us for information regarding the delivery date. We may be able to give you a more precise delivery date.


Shipments within Germany

The shipping flat rate within Germany is €4.30 (plus 19% VAT) per box weighing up to 31.5 kilograms or for the shipment of reels of up to 140 cm in with within the Federal Republic of Germany. For reel shipments of over 160 cm in width, the shipping flat rate comes to €10.55 (plus 19% VAT) per reel and €90.00 (plus 19% VAT) per reel for reels of over 200 cm in width. Shipment will be handled by a forwarding agent.


Combined shipments will be shipped via UPS. We will consider commissioning a forwarding agency to ship larger quantities. Should this be the case, we will inform you of the decision or include information regarding your shipment in your order confirmation.


You can track your shipment online at:



If the link doesn’t work, please contact UPS directly under the service number 01806 882 663*.

You can access your UPS tracking number upon request.

(20 cents /call from a German landline; mobile phone max. 60 cents/call)



Packages can only be picked up at our central warehouse under the following address. Please note that for insurance reasons you may only pick up a package after consulting us or after receiving a pick-up notification with your order.

STERAC Transport & Logistik GmbH

Waldweg 1 – 3

D – 22145 Stapelfeld/Braak


International shipments

Delivery within the EU:

Shipping costs for deliveries outside of Germany are listed below. Please note that for technical reasons it is not possible to send reel shipments of over 160 cm in width within the EU.

UPS and its partners ship to the following countries. Standard shipping - prices per box weighing up to 31 kilograms (net plus VAT):

  • Belgium (BDS) (13,20 €)
  • Bulgaria (BG) (28,90 €)
  • Denmark (DK) (13,20 €)
  • Estonia (EST) (25,80 €)
  • Finland (FIN) (29,22 €)
  • France (F) (15,60 €)
  • Greece (GR) (26,90 €)
  • Ireland (IRL) (28,90 €)
  • Italy (I) (21,40 €)
  • Latvia (LV) (25,80 €)
  • Lithuania (LT) (25,80 €)
  • Luxemburg (L) (13,20 €)
  • Netherlands (NL) (13,20 €)
  • Austria (A) (12,-- €)
  • Poland (PL) (12,90 €)
  • Portugal (PT) (26,90 €)
  • Romania (RO) (28,90 €)
  • Slovakia (SK) (14,20 €)
  • Slovenia (SLO) (14,20 €)
  • Sweden (S) (27,19 €)
  • Spain (E) (26,90 €)
  • Czech Republic (CZ) (12,90 €)
  • Hungary (H) (25,80 €)


Damaged shipments

If you notice any visible damage upon receipt of your order, you must report the damage to the person making the delivery. Without proof of damage, the insurance company cannot replace the damaged product. You have the right to refuse acceptance. In this case, the package will be returned to us, repacked and delivered to you again.


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